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Public Show – DJ Burn


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Gospel singer and recording artiste, DJ Burn hit the scenes with a brand new single titled, “Public Show.”

Speaking on the song, Burn says; “It is a song of victory and celebration of Jesus Christ over the defeat of the devil in hell.”

“Christ’s victory also empowers those born of God to overcome the world through faith in Jesus as the Son of God.” – he concludes.

This new song is accompanied by carefully-written lyrics and a lyric video.


Lyrics: Public Show By DJ Burn

He made a public show
To embarrass the devil
He made a public show
To lower his level (2x)

My God is good O (4x)

Verse 1:
Let me tell you what God has done
Let me show you how God has won

He sent His only begotten son
To beat satan billion to none
He disarmed the rulers, authorities
And shames them in front of the majorities

To show their inferiorities
And prove God’s seniority
He made a public show
To judge us is His public role

He recovers what Satan has stole
And help us to reach our goal
This God is good

I love the Lord and you should
He would solve all your problems He could
He’s the Alpha and the Omega
The Lord I serve is bigger

The Lord I serve is better
It is written in bible letters
The devil is now embarrassed

Don’t let him make you polarized
He’s misery and he needs company
Rebuke him nice and lovely

He made a public show
To embarrass the devil
He made a public show
To lower his level (2x)

My God is good O (4x)

Verse II:
The Devil is a big-time loser
The Devil is a big-time accuser
The war in heaven got him evicted
From heaven he is restricted

Jesus triumphing over the devil
Took his power and lower his level
When God is for me
Who can be against me

They shall always flee
Even before I go on my knees
To ask the Lord, please
And make my final decree

Jesus won my victory
With a powerful artillery
Jesus forgives my history

And bless me with a special delivery
The approval stamps are on my documents
That’s why I’m so confident
God is always in control

His angels are always on patrol
The creator of heaven and earth
Has been taken care of me since birth
My Almighty Father, Baba mi dada.

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