Promote Your Song
Promote Your Song

Promote Your Song

Do you have a song you want to promote?

If you are an upcoming gospel artist and you have a well cooked inspirational song(s) that you wanna make viral!  you are in the right place.

GOSPELAFRI is absolutely dedicated for such activities… One of our goals is to elevate upcoming singers so that their voice can be heard by those who thirst for God’s words and subsequently propagate the gospel of our Jesus Christ.


  1. Your Name
  2. Song Title
  3. Song/Artiste Description
  4. Art Cover
  5. The Audio/Video
  6. Lastly,  send to us your Instagram and or Facebook Profile Link of Name.

Submit The Above Requirement: Via WhatsApp (+2348135663331)

Benefit of Getting Your Music Promoted

  1. You get a personal page on our site.
  2. You can be found by fans and record label via your link as well as on Google search.
  3. It offers fans insight into who you are, and not just what you do, which can be vital in long term engagement with listeners.
  4. Current fans will have something popping up on their Facebook/Twitter feeds.
  5. And many more benefits that are not mentioned here

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