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We Overcome the Wind by Christopher Tin


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Spontaneous gospel music artiste, a talented songwriter, worship leader and spirit lifting song minister, the person of “Christopher Tin released a beautiful and powerful sound titled “We Overcome the Wind”.

This brand new single was birthed out from the presence of God Almighty. It’s a spiritual melody be listen to in this season. Get it now and share the Goodness with others.


Waloyo Yamoni – ‘We Overcome the Wind’

Waloyo Yamoni
‘We Overcome the Wind’
(inspired by rain)

Sung in Lango
From a rainmaking litany

Performed by Soweto Gospel Choir, the Angel City
Chorale & Schola Cantorum with Anonymous 4,
Dulce Pontes, Nominjin, Roopa Mahadevan,
Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares, Kardeş Türküler,
Shoji Kameda & the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Waloyo yamoni. (Waloyo.)
Wan wamito kot ochwe, oony akirok chutok

Oami! In, kot, alami ichwe. Ka i chwe, beber.

Ka monwa olelo (ber)
Ka atino oleo (ber)
Ka awobi owero (ber)
Ka adwong olelo (ber)

Eryamita ka jigi jigi.
Eryam, alech alelech.
Ka kot adok Burutok
Ka yamo adok Burutok
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Ilech i dula.
Kalwa opong dero.


We overcome this wind. (We overcome.)
We desire the rain to fall, that it be poured in showers

Ah! Thou rain, I adjure thee fall. If thou rainest, it
is well.

If our women rejoice (it is well)
If the children rejoice (it is well)
If the young men sing (it is well)
If the aged rejoice (it is well)

A drizzling confusion.
Confusion, a torrent in flow.
If the rain veers to the south
If the wind veers to the south

An overflowing in the granary.
May our grain fill the granaries.

[Translation by J. H.

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