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Upendo Nkone – Mwambie Yesu


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Mwambie Yesu is a popular Swahili worship song written by Upendo Nkone. The song’s title translates to “Tell Jesus” in English, and it encourages believers to pour out their hearts to God and share their struggles with Him.

The song’s lyrics speak to the universal human experience of pain and suffering, and the need for divine intervention in difficult times. The first verse opens with the lines, “Nimeshindwa kabisa, sitoweza peke yangu. Nimekosa nguvu, sina rafiki wala mwandani.” These lines express the singer’s helplessness and loneliness in the face of their troubles, admitting that they cannot overcome their problems alone.


The chorus of the song emphasizes the importance of turning to Jesus for help and guidance, repeating the phrase “Mwambie Yesu” several times. The repetition of this phrase serves as a reminder that believers should not be afraid to share their struggles with God, as He is always ready to listen and provide comfort.

The second verse of the song highlights the transformative power of God’s love and grace. It declares that God has the power to heal the brokenhearted and to turn darkness into light. The lyrics go on to say, “Kwa mikono yake Mungu, nina nguvu za kushinda. Sina hofu tena, maana yeye yupo karibu.” This verse encourages believers to have faith in God’s ability to overcome their challenges and to trust in His constant presence in their lives.

The song’s message is one of hope and comfort, reminding listeners that no matter how difficult their circumstances may be, they are never alone. By turning to Jesus and sharing their struggles with Him, believers can find the strength and courage to overcome their challenges.

Mwambie Yesu is a powerful and uplifting worship song that encourages believers to turn to God in times of need. Its universal message of hope and comfort resonates with people of all backgrounds and cultures, and its timeless lyrics continue to inspire and uplift listeners around the world.

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