Tye Tribbett – Only Help!

Tye Tribbett – Only Help!
Tye Tribbett – Only Help!

Worship manager Tye Tribbett unearths a new strong song renamed “Only Help!” from its graphical fidelity. “Only Help!” is a great chorus that absolutely deserves a place on your song list if you are a partner & supporter of holy word pieces of music.


Lyrics: Tye Tribbett – Only Help!

[Verse 1:]
I can almost tell you each time I’m gonna fall
Devil always paint the same picture, sweet frame and all
I wanna change
And you would think by now I’d catch the scenario
Sorta like a old sitcom playing the same show
I wanna change
I’m sick of my own ways
End up in the same place
Gotta set my affection
For my own protection
I can’t go on the same way Lord so

I lift my hands to you
You’re my only help

[Verse 2:]
I’m sick of living life so predictable, yes I know
I’m saved but sometimes I get really comfortable, Oh Lord
I wanna change
I’m sick of all the ups and downs I want consistency
Tired of all the shaky ground give me stability, Oh Lord
I wanna change
I cast out all pronography uproot that thing up out of me
Devil you no longer have any control over me
While I bare adultery
Looking at my sister lustfully
In Jesus’ name you gotta leave, Lord

[Chorus (repeat until end with ad-libs)]


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