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Spirit chant by Lawrence Oyor

Spirit chant by Lawrence Oyor
Spirit chant by Lawrence Oyor
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Download all the Spirit Chant, powerful and life changing songs of Evangelist Lawrence Oyor. Most of his songs are spirit chant below, check out anyone you might like below and enjoy your moment.

Spirit Chant Songs

  1. Demon Girl 
  2. Eagle’s Flight 
  3. Ebenezer
  4. We Chant In The Holy Ghost 
  5. God Want To Be Known 
  6. Awaken Love by 
  7. Dreaming With God 
  8. Holy Ghost Don’t Let Me Be Normal 
  9. May It Not Be Heard
  10. You Are My Obsession 
  11. Until I Am Drunk
  12. Bowl of fire
  13. Another Measure
  14. Burn The World
  15. Living Portals | Open Ancient Doors
  16. The Train Mount Zion Movie Theme Song 

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