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Sipho Makhabane – Ngiyamemeza

Sipho Makhabane Ngiyamemeza Mp3 Download
Sipho Makhabane Ngiyamemeza Mp3 Download

Check out this amazing brand new gospel music by Sipho Makhabane Ngiyamemeza.

South African talented Christian Gospel music singer and Songwriter, Sipho Makhabane has come through with this interesting brand new gospel music which he titled Ngiyamemeza“. And it’s right available here for download for your free and fast download!.

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[ Music Lyrics ]

Sengiyamemeza eAfrica nkosi yami
Ngithi zwela thina nkosi yami
Baningi nkosi emhlabeni
Bayaswela nkosi yami
Baswela nendawo zokulala
Ezikhona ziya awu nkosi yami
Ziyawa futhi ziyadilika
Sala usizwela nkosi yami
Phendula thina zigcwel’ izintandane emhlabeni
Umalishona nkosi yami (umalishon’ ilanga)
Umalishona ilanga nkosi yami (abazi bolalaphi na)
Futhi umaliphum’ ilanga (umaliphum’ ilanga)
Futhi umaliphum’ ilanga nkosi yami(abazi bodlani na)
Baba malishon’ ilanga (umalishon’ ilanga)
Bona abazi abazi bayolalaphi na (abazi bolalaphi na)
Futhi umaliphuma lona (umaliphum’ ilanga)
Umaliphum’ ilanga nkosi yami(abazi bodlani na)
Izwa nkosi yami imikhuleko
Izwa ukukhala kwethu
Izwa nkosi yami
Yesula nkosi inyembezi
Ngithi izwa nkosi ukukhala kwethu
Izwa nkosi imikhuleko
Zesule nkosi izinyembezi
Phendula nkosi yami sikhala kuwe
Umalishona ilanga (umalishon’ ilanga)
Kukhona abazi abazi (abazi bolalaphi na)
Awu nkosi yami kanti futhi umaliphuma (umaliphum’ ilanga)
Nkosi yami abazi (abazi bodlani na)
Sebagcwele nkosi yami (umalishon’ ilanga)
Yonk’ indlela abazi (abazi bolalaphi na)
Balala bemile nkosi yami (umaliphum’ ilanga)
Umaliphum’ ilanga abazi bona (abazi bodlani na)
Bayaswela nendawo zokulala (umalishon’ ilanga)
Umalishona lona abazi (abazi bolalaphi na)
Lakungela baba wami (umaliphum’ ilanga)
Nkosi yami (abazi bodlani na)
Baba zwela thina baba zwela thina (umalishon’ ilanga)
Jehova izwa thina (abazi bolalaphi na)
Ngiyabakhalela nkosi yami (umaliphum’ ilanga)
Bona bathi (abazi bodlani na)
Shwele nkosi yami (umalishon’ ilanga)
Hayi bayaswela abntwana (abazi bolalaphi na)
Kugcwel’ usizi nkosi yami (umaliphum’ ilanga)
Abazi (abazi bodlani na)
Hayi he Africa (umalishon’ ilanga)
Hezi he Africa (abazi bolalaphi na)
Ngikhala ngama Africa (umaliphum’ ilanga)
Bayaswela nkosi yami (abazi bodlani na)
Ngisho eAfrica nkosi yami (umalishon’ ilanga)
Umalishon’ ilanga (abazi bolalaphi na)
Futhi umaliphuma lona (umaliphum’ ilanga)
Nkosi yami (abazi bodlani na)
Zwela nkosi yami (umalishon’ ilanga)
Zwela thina nkosi yami (abazi bolalaphi na)
Bazwele baba (umaliphum’ ilanga)
Phendula nkosi (abazi bodlani na)


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