Should Christians Listen to Secular Songs?

Should Christians Listen to Secular Songs
Should Christians Listen to Secular Songs

Music minister and songwriter Joshua Mike-Bamiloye popularly known as Jaymikee has done a perfect job concerning this controversy of Gospel vs secular music of a thing and if christian should listen to secular music or not. In his video, Jamikee categorized music into three.
01. Gospel music or christian music
02. Secular music
03. Worldly
Joshua Mike-Bamiloye who is also a Christian drama minister pointed out the extent to which secular songs can be a threat to our faith as Christians. However, he did not categorically condemned secular music. Nevertheless, he described them as junk foods. Worldly music on the other hand are like poisons. Songs in this category are completely against our faith And we should not in anyway listen to it. For better understand, he gave examples. Please check out the comprehensive explanation via the video below or check out on his YouTube Here.

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