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Aspirit – Owo Oluwa


Owo Oluwa Ton Sise Agbara Mp3 Download
Owo Oluwa Ton Sise Agbara Mp3 Download

Owo Oluwa” is a blend of traditional highlife, saxophone fussion with vocal and piano creative solo. The shape was formed from “Aka Jehovah” interpreted into Yoruba language.

Aspirit is a Gospel Artist, over a decade he has work consistently on both western contemporary and traditional music.

He’s a Worshiper in spirit and truth. Been a multi-instrumentalist, he picked saxophone as major. He is presently a saxophonist in Faith Tabernacle Chior, Cannanland. Ota. Member of Horns Men. He has recorded Saxspirit Praise and Infinite worship.


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