Oluwami Seyanu by Dabo Williams

Oluwami Seyanu by Dabo Williams
Oluwami Seyanu by Dabo Williams

Nigerian gospel pop sensation, songwriter and hip pop ace Dabo Williams is here with a beautiful single which he titled Oluwami Seyanu, a Yoruba phrase, meaning God Perform Wonder(s).

According to Dabo Williams, “In the midst of every hustle and tussle, the prayer of every hardworking individual out there is that God blesses the work of their hands and gives them the strength to eat the fruits of their labour. “Oluwami Seyanu” is a reflection of a personal experience and seeing what every individual goes through daily, the song is an ideal prayer for any average Nigerian worker out there.” Oluwa Seyanu is available on Digital Platform for streaming.


Oluwami Seyanu_Dabo Williams Lyrics

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