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Odogwu Kariri Odogwu by Chioma Jesus


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Odogwu Kariri Odogwu” is a beautiful sound by the Nigerian legendary gospel singer, Chioma Jesus. Igbo words which is translates to as “Great and Mighty Warrior” in English, and the song is a powerful declaration of God’s greatness and might.

In Odogwu Kariri Odogwu, Chioma Jesus praises God for His protection, provision, and faithfulness, declaring that He is the one true God and the only one who can save and deliver. The lyrics are a reminder that no matter what challenges we may face in life, God is always with us and we can trust in His power and love.

The song features a mix of traditional igbo rhythms and modern gospel music, with a lively beat and energetic vocals that are sure to get listeners dancing and singing along. “Odogwu Kariri Odogwu” has become a popular worship song in Nigeria and beyond, inspiring believers to trust in God’s power and to praise Him for all that He has done.


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