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Nimekupata Yesu by Ambassadors of Christ Choir


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Nimekupata Yesu” is a Swahili gospel song performed by the Ambassadors of Christ Choir, a renowned gospel music group based in Rwanda. The song’s title translates to “I have found Jesus” in English, and its lyrics express gratitude and joy for the gift of salvation.

The song starts with a simple melody that quickly builds into a joyous and uplifting chorus, featuring harmonious voices and traditional African percussion. The choir’s dynamic performance, combined with the song’s powerful message, makes it a popular choice for worship and celebration in churches across East Africa and beyond.

Beyond its musical qualities, “Nimekupata Yesu” also carries a deeper spiritual meaning. The lyrics remind listeners of the redemptive power of Jesus and the transformative effect that faith can have on a person’s life. The song is an invitation to experience the joy and peace that come from knowing and following Christ.


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