Home News Moses Bliss’ Unforgettable Proposal to the Love of His Life

Moses Bliss’ Unforgettable Proposal to the Love of His Life


Moses Bliss' Unforgettable Proposal to the Love of His Life

Popular Nigerian music minister Moses Bliss recently surprised everyone online with a sweet proposal to his special someone. In a carefully planned event, Bliss shared his nervous excitement before revealing a beautiful song he wrote just for her.

The emotional performance, full of gratitude and love, led to a touching moment ending with a joyful “YES” and the reveal of an engagement ring.


The heartwarming proposal, posted on YouTube, showed how much Moses Bliss adores his fiancée Marie Wiseborn, calling her his dream come true and a blessing in his life. Their commitment to sharing their faith and serving God together struck a chord, inspiring others and bringing glory to their journey. People are loving the genuine connection and love displayed in the video, spreading messages of love, faith, and the power of real commitment.

As the video keeps making rounds on social media, the couple’s love story is turning into a symbol of the beautiful blend of love, faith, and music. People worldwide are celebrating the authenticity of the proposal, highlighting how true connections and shared faith can bring two souls together on an incredible journey. To Follow Mariewiseborn On Instagram Click Here Now. Congratulations to Moses Bliss!


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