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Min. Oluwaferanmi – Greater Is He That Is In Me (Eni Toun Gbe Numi)


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Greater Is He That Is In Me (Eni Toun Gbe Numi) is a powerful gospel song by Minister Oluwaferanmi, a Nigerian gospel artist. The song is a declaration of faith in the power of God that resides within us as believers. It speaks to the assurance that we have in Christ Jesus, that no matter what challenges we face, we can overcome them because of the greater one that is in us.

The song is sung primarily in the Yoruba language, with some English phrases interspersed throughout. It starts with an upbeat tempo and an infectious melody that draws you in and fills you with hope and confidence. As the song progresses, Minister Oluwaferanmi’s voice rises in intensity, as she sings about the power of God within us.


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