Ka Maa Dupe by Motunranyo Oloyede

Ka Maa Dupe by Motunranyo Oloyede

Music minister and songwriter Motunranyo Oloyede release a brand new single melody which is titled Ka Maa Dupe. A beautiful and powerful Yoruba phase with the interpretation Let Us Gives Thanks Unto God.

Truly, in life, there are those saddened moments and pain. The time where depression is extremely heightened because of one bad thing that has happened. And at that time, we question God’s faithfulness and ask Him what we have done wrong to deserve such bad thing. Just like that saying, “you don’t know what you don’t know. In every trouble, problem and obstacle, there is an equal advantage or even more than precedes from that situation. When there is no food to eat, let’s us give thanks, when there is cold, let’s us give thanks and equally when there is heat, Ka Maa Dupe. Ka Maa Dupe is a thanksgiving song, the one you can dance to and enjoy. Let us praise thank God together and dance this day to the God of gods!” – Motunrayo Oloyede


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