Iwo Ko L’o Da Mi (4) By Prince Goke Bajowa

Iwo Ko L'o Da Mi 4 by Prince Goke Bajowa

Iwo Ko L’o Da Mi 4 by Prince Goke Bajowa

The story of David and Goliath. This song is evergreen, it refuses to go away from our hearts. Many more people continue to request it all over the world. Download “Iwo ko l’o da mi ” by Prince Goke Bajowa on


Prince Goke Bajowa is a Nigerian Christian musician/artiste, composer/song writer, trumpeter and music director.

His kind of music can best be described as a fusion of highlife and folk with a little spice of afro. Academically, he trained as a mechanical engineer. Goke Bajowa does music full time.

Over the last 20 years, he has broken grounds with hit songs like…
1. Iwo ko lo da mi
2. Aarirarira
3. E se gan no
4. Ojumo ire, and many more.

Although his songs are most popular in the South Western part of Nigeria He has received several awards within Nigeria. Also, he has received recognitions and accolades from outside Nigeria.

Goke was born on 1 April 1977. Prince Goke Bajowa is happily married with 3 children

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