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How To Fight In The Spirit While Asleep – Apostle Joshua Selman


Understanding Spiritual Origins

In a thought-provoking discussion, the speaker delves into the intriguing concept that most problems in our world today have spiritual origins. Drawing from a blend of biblical references and real-world observations, the speaker asserts that acknowledging this spiritual dimension is crucial for addressing and overcoming life’s challenges.

Spiritual Roots of Manifestations

The speaker emphasizes that while problems may manifest physically, their roots lie in the spiritual realm. Political, economic, sociological, medical, and intellectual expressions, according to the speaker, are mere manifestations of deeper spiritual issues. Drawing a parallel to the Book of Job, the speaker contends that understanding the spiritual origins is paramount for effective problem-solving.

Active Participation in the Spiritual Realm

The speaker challenges listeners to actively participate in spiritual discussions about their lives. Referencing the Book of Job, where God boasts about Job’s righteousness, the speaker highlights the importance of being present in the spiritual meetings that discuss one’s destiny. The speaker encourages individuals to reject victimhood, asserting their role as spirits dwelling in bodies with the advantage of participating in the spiritual realm.

The Power of the Word

Central to the speaker’s message is the power of the Word of God. The speaker insists that believers need not physically attend spiritual meetings; instead, the Word of God, when spoken with faith, acts as a worthy messenger. This spiritual representation ensures that believers’ interests are defended even without their physical presence.

Strategic Prayer and the Word

The speaker introduces the concept of strategic prayer, urging believers to send words as messengers into the realm of the spirit. These words, akin to spiritual immigration officers, protect believers’ interests even during sleep. The speaker emphasizes the importance of consistently aligning one’s prayers with the Word of God, creating a spiritual garrison around one’s destiny.

Words as Tools for Victory

The speaker contends that understanding the ministry of words is crucial for victory in the spiritual realm. Words, especially when dealing with demonic forces, are portrayed as the primary tools for change. Referencing the Book of Daniel, the speaker illustrates how words can silence opposition in the spiritual realm, emphasizing the power of words to cast down imaginations and bring thoughts into obedience.

Timely Prayer as a Forerunner

A key takeaway is the concept of timely prayer. The speaker asserts that waiting until danger arises to pray is a late response. True advantage lies in sending prayers as forerunners to future events. Believers are encouraged to send prayers into the future, creating a proactive defense against anything inconsistent with God’s Word.

You Are a Strategy

In a compelling conclusion, the speaker challenges the perception of relevance based on mundane parameters. The emphasis is on believers recognizing themselves as strategies in the spiritual realm. Regardless of financial or intellectual qualifications, believers are urged to embrace their role as influencers in the spiritual dimension, equipped with the powerful tool of words.

In essence, the transcript encourages believers to grasp the spiritual origins of life’s challenges, actively participate in the spiritual realm, and utilize words as transformative tools. By doing so, believers can navigate the complexities of the spiritual dimension, ultimately leading to victory and positive change.


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