“Hit Songs Are Not Lucky” – Mike Abdul Passes Advice To Artists

Hit Songs Are Not Lucky
Hit Songs Are Not Lucky

“Hit Songs Are Not Lucky” – Mike Abdul Passes Advice To Artists

This lovely advice by Mike Addul was published on Kingdomboiz 2018, and i discovered that it will be useful not just for now but for ever. Read the Article below and applied it to your musical career.

Artists throw out singLes and when that singLe does not become an instant hiT, they just move oN.

A sOng is like a baby. If weLL nurtured, it wiLL grOw. Even sick babies grOw.

Do babies not nEEd time to grOw ?

Give yOur baby/sOng quality time aNd quality aTTenTion tO grOw.

Babies/sOngs don’t make it by luck.
Quit depending on luck, dO the wOrk.
Hit sOngs are nOt lucky. MIKE ABDUL.

Lastly, i just want to let you know that nothing comes overnight, time is needed for any form of growth or progress.

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