Hallelujah by Purist Ogboi

Hallelujah by Purist Ogboi
Hallelujah by Purist Ogboi
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Purist Ogboi is back in the studio recording some amazing songs born in the midst of the global unrest.

Her newest single “Hallelujah” is a powerful song of praise to the Almighty God. A declaration of faith, a song of unwavering praise to a God who remains faithful. God all by Himself.

Hallelujah” written by Purist Ogboi and produced by the award winning Evans Ogboi [@evans_ogboi] for Simplicity Records [@simplicity_records] London UK. Recorded Live in London at Bamm Bamm studios. Our desire is to see hearts and lives transformed through the undeniable power in praise.


Purist Ogboi Hallelujah Lyrics

It’s the song of the winners
A song of Praise
The sound of Rejoicing
In our hearts and homes
It’s a song of redemption
Song of deliverance
Praise ye the Lord all his saints
With a shout of Joy

Hallelujah Hallelujah 4x
Amen Amen, Hallelujah 4x

Hallelujah hallelujah 3x
Oh praise The Lord

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Twitter: @purist_ogboi
Instagram: purist_ogboi
Facebook: Purist Evans Ogboi
YouTube: Purist Ogboi

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