Girma Da Daukaka Ne Mu Kawo Mp3 Download

Girma Da Daukaka Ne Mu Kawo Mp3 Download
Girma Da Daukaka Ne Mu Kawo Mp3 Download

Download this popular Hausa worship song GIRMA Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this wonderful melody…


Girma da daukaka ne mu kawo,(kawo)
Mu yabeka da garaya harda molo,2*(molo)
Hurah kaho, domin rai daka ba’mu sabo,2* (sabo)
Mu yabeka da garaya harda molo,(molo)

Can’t you see, he has make my life so beautiful!
Because he gave his Son who broke the chain,
and sets me free! AHH
Yashare hawaye, give me a brighter day,
what more can I say, Lord you are amazing everyday,
Kaine wakana, dakarfina,
Da ma’dogara’na, zan yabeka da’garaya harda molo,
Dagirma na kawo!

*back to chorus*


《FEMALE voice》
Now that I can lift up my voice shout halleluya anyhow,
At the mention of your name, every knee will surely bow,
Kaine farko da’karshe kana ko’ina atake,
Zan yabeka dagaraya harda molo?

So don’t you sit back there, and just be staring at me,
Won’t you stand upon your feet, and shake your body like you just don’t care!
Because he’s worthy to be praise,
He’s worthy to be worship,
Zan yabe ka raaahahaha
Zan yabe ka hahahahah
Zan yabe ka, dagaraya harda molo,(2*)

Kaine wakana (ahum)
Kaine dadina (ahum)
Kaine karfina (ahum)
Kaine begena. (ahum)

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  1. This is a life changing song, I like be it and it has really bless my spiritual life ..

    Please help with the translation to English, thanks

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