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Full List Of Tope Alabi Albums And Songs

Full List Of Tope Alabi Albums And Songs
Full List Of Tope Alabi Albums And Songs
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Full List Of Tope Alabi Albums And Songs

Tope Alabi is a Nigerian gospel music minister, songwriter and a worship ace. More than a decade now, she has been making impacts in the World music industry. However, today, GOSPELAFRI provided all her previous hit albums as well as some of her songs before she set the world ablaze this year with her powerful album.

Check out the list, if you need any of the old tracks. Drop a comment below, write down the title of the song. And also drop your email or WhatsApp number. The link will be send to you!

Full List Of Tope Alabi Albums And Songs

All Tope Alabi’s Albums
1. Ore tio common (2001)
2. Iwe Eri (2003)
3. Agbara Ne Ni (2005)
4. Agbara Olorun (2006)
5. Angeli Mi (2007)
6. Kokoro Igbala (2008)
7. Kabio Osi (2010)
8. Agbelebu (2012)
9. Alagbara (2012)
10. Agbelebu (2013)
11. Oruko Tuntun (2014)
12. Oruko Tuntun (2015)
13. Yes And Amen (2018)
14. The Spirit of Light (2019)

Tope Alabi Songs
1. Logan Ti O De
2. Mimo L’oluwa
3. Halleluyah
4. Awa gbe o ga
5. Adake Dajo
6. Emi Mimo
7. Gratitude
8. Kabi o osi
9. Yes And Amen
10. Eru Ogo
11. Imole De
12. War
13. Nigbati Mo Ro O
14. E Gbe Ga
15. Iyin Ye O
16. Oluwa Otobi
17. Kape Laye
18. Omo Ranti
19. Orun Oun Aye
20. Eru re to ba
21. Aseda
22. You Are Worthy
23. Oruko Oluwa
24. We Have Come
25. Eba Mi Ki
26. Olorun Ni Yio Ma Je
27. Olowo Ina
28. Ta Lo Dabii Re
29. Fimi Dara Ire
30. Oba mi de
31. Mo Mope Mi Wa
32. All the Glory

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    1. There are many songs listed here, Please specify! Which of her songs… We will love to send the exact one you need. THANKS FOR YOUR COOPERATION! GOD BLESS YOU

  1. Some of you are dropping phone number that are not even registered on WhatsApp. Please provide a registered one on better still your email will be OK too

  2. Pls I will love to have all her songs from 2001 till date. There’s this particular song am looking for but can’t remember the title so will love to have all her songs. My WhatsApp no 08141170450

  3. I’d love to have d following, pls.
    E gbe ga,Mimo l’Oluwa, Agbelebu, Iwe eri, Eru ogo, Nigba ti mo ro o, Emi Mimo, Adake dajo, Hallelujah, Oore ti o common and Gratitude. No is 08164457956.
    Thank you.

  4. Can you pls send me Alagbara full album to my WhatsApp contact 08107663505 Thankyou so much

  5. I love all her songs they so inspiring … Please I need all her songs … My whatsApp number is 08171300055

  6. I need this tope alabi song I don’t know the tittle(kosobabire aanu ti Mo ri gba iyebiye ni ko seni biire) not the one she featured ooo my WhatsApp number 09079954999

  7. pls I need asong but I don’t know the title but this is the chorus “kori om”asemi lalase danu Amin keni Eleni magbasemise Amin o edumare sin mi de bite Ayo Amin Amin o ase”

    my WhatsApp line 08107299625

  8. Good morning. I’ll love to have a link to download all her songs. They’re all beautiful in and out. Play also include the link to download “Funmilayo, E gbe ga, e gbe ga o”. Email address: [email protected].
    God bless you

  9. I need the title of this her song
    “Kori mashe mi laala shedanu (Amin)”
    “Keni eleni magba she mishe (Amin ooo)”
    ” Edua how sinmi debute ogo ooooooo (Amin)*

  10. Yes ooo I need the title too
    “Kori o mashemi laala shedaanu (Amin)
    “Keni eleni maa gba she mishe (Amin ooo)
    “Edua jowo simi debute ogo oooo (Amin)
    “Amin ooo Ashee

  11. Please I need this song ‘se Ife ni o ibeere se Ife ni abi Ife ko ka soro Kama gbabe’ because I don’t know the tittle or the album. This is my WhatsApp num 08060482587.

  12. Tope alabi – Ori jowo ye o
    My WhatsApp 09022279044
    My Instagram @officicialhamzzylor
    I wanna use it for my comedy skit background music please I need it urgently

  13. Please I need some Tracks like 1.Waa Beru Re Ni Bode 2 .Kile Ma Da ‘Riwo La N Kibosi 3 .Kokoro Igbala 4 . Logan Ti O De 5.Jiji Jiji Irawo.
    Please send them all through my WhatsApp number:08032219897.
    Email: [email protected].

  14. I’m looking for this song “mo mope wa baba fun ore te se ninu aye mi o , eseun eseun eseun oooooooo eseun oooooooo baba. Mo mope wa, mo mope wa, mo mope wa ooooooo eseun oooooo baba. 08075718993. [email protected]

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