Flourish Music – We Need You

Flourish Music We Need You Mp3 Download
Flourish Music We Need You Mp3 Download

This is another brand new song from Flourish Music, this powerful single is titled We Need You.

According to Flourish Music
“When we surrender we give up our own desires for the sake of the Father’s desires. We don’t do this simply out of dutiful submission, but out of a desperate longing for God, for His ways, and His presence — this is what it means to hunger and thirst for the Lord,” says Hunt. “We are declaring that we are no longer in control and that His ways are better. God alone can truly satisfy. We long for that full and complete satisfaction in him.

“We hope that this is a song that the Church adopts as a heart cry. We hope that this song is shared among friends and family because it is a truth that we all need to be singing,” Hunt shares. “We hope that worship leaders connect personally with this song in their private times of worship and then feel called to lead it corporately. We hope that if nothing else, God is glorified, and when worshippers are at a loss for words on how to respond to the Lord, We Need You becomes a memorable anthem for their lives.”

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