Fami Dide by Tope Florish

Fami Dide by Tope Florish
Fami Dide by Tope Florish

Nigerian sensational music minister, songwriter and worship leader Tope Florish released a brand new single tagged Fami Dide (Lift Me Up).

When she tried to explain what inspired the song, minister Flourish wrote:

“When we say that God lifts us up from the earth, we are really saying that he takes us out of the limited philosophies that are prevalent in the world. He lifts us out of our narrow self-focused concerns and gives us a sense of his grandeur, his power, and his love. He raises us above our limited expectations for our lives and shows us that we really can overcome sin, all obstacles and that we really can live holy, godly lives in this world. for the scripture says “And the Spirit lifted me up and brought me in a vision by the Spirit of God to the exiles in Chaldea. So the vision that I had seen left me.”


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