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Etis Alert – Receive Our Praise


Minister Etis Alert released a brand new and powerful single titled Receive Our Praise As a Lady whom God has helped and still helping. One of my struggles was furthering my education and God came through amazingly.

In my year 3 during a practical course called (Home/Hotel management), I could not afford to pay, although God raised me some helpers but a friend had bridged the help I was getting from one of the auntie’s, so it was tough, my bigsis could not afford…I requested for help from my Lagos choir HOD she promised, she was going to come through for me… 3 days to start the Practical, I called to remind her, I was hugely disappointed with excuses which was very funny. Two days to start the practical, God performed a speedy miracle through some I least expected. That’s how I bought things I needed to use throughout my practicals. Amazing God!

One day, I was returning from Choir rehearsals back to the management Flat in the campus, I began to reminisced about how I was in year three, how far God has helped me and I was heading towards becoming a graduate (I will narate my Uni experiences subsequently). Praises began to flow from my heart and then I got inspired, I started singing, “You are worthy of the glory and the honor and the praise, receive our praise…. over and over and then afterwards the complete song started coming in to place, that’s how received our praise was birthed. Today I am not just a graduate but I have other professional certifications. To the glory of my Father God. He is worthy of the Glory and the honor and the praise. What are you grateful for?


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