Ese by Duke Henshaw

Ese by Duke Henshaw
Ese by Duke Henshaw

Duke Henshaw is a child of God, a worshipper and a seasoned Gospel music minister with the mandate to take the GOSPEL of the Lord to the nations of the World through the instrumentality of Music.

His previous song, MUMI DELE won the OGMA Awards for The Best Collaboration song of the year, 2020. He has just released a new Gospel Single, titled; ESE (meaning, Thank You). ESE is a blend of contemporary and traditional genres.
It was birth in the place of Prayer and deep revelation of God’s word.
It is inspired to stir the believer to keep her gaze on things of eternal value and not on earthly, perishable things.
Ese will cause you to Rejoice always in Faith in the finished works of Jesus Christ through which we have Redemption, Forgiveness of sins and Reconciliation with the Father.

Romans 5:11 ESV More than that, we also rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received reconciliation. ESE was produced by SHEUNKEYS. Mixed and mastered by MAYBEAT. He has released several songs to the Glory of God and more to come.


Duke Henshaw Ese Lyrics

Verse one:
No more guilt from all I did in the past
All my faults you have erased
Now I stand with boldness
No more condemnation
Cos you bled and died for me

By the things on you did
I’m truly free Indeed
With your blood I’ve been redeemed
You have filled my soul with the joy of the HolyGhost
Ese o, modupe baba

Repeat verse one

Ese o
Modupe baba

Verse 2:
How can I forget the blood that bought my freedom?
How do I forget my redemption?
How can I forget your resurrection from the grave
I’m alive because you did

Ese o
Modupe baba

Awadupe lowo jesu oloore
Oruko jesu lafi riregba lowo baba

Ese o
Modupe baba

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Twitter Handle :@dukehenny
Facebook: Duke Henshaw.
God bless you.

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