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Ebuka Songs ft. Kae Strings – I Will Pray (Acoustic Version)


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The power of prayer is undeniable, and it’s something that has been recognized and celebrated in many forms of art, including music. “I Will Pray” by Ebuka Songs featuring minister Kae Strings is a beautiful example of how prayer can be expressed through music, and it’s an acoustic version that touches the heart and soul.

Ebuka Songs is a Nigerian gospel artist who has made a name for himself in the industry with his unique blend of contemporary gospel music and traditional African rhythms. His music is known for its powerful messages of hope, love, and faith, and “I Will Pray” is no exception. In this song, he sings about the power of prayer and how it can transform lives and situations. He encourages listeners to trust in God and to pray for guidance, protection, and provision.


The acoustic version of “I Will Pray” adds a new dimension to the song, stripping away the elaborate production and leaving behind just the essence of the music. The acoustic guitar, played by minister Kae Strings, provides a warm and intimate backdrop for Ebuka’s vocals, making the message of the song even more impactful. The simplicity of the instrumentation allows the lyrics to shine, and it’s easy to feel the emotion and sincerity behind the words.

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