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Cheemah – No One


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Here is a lovely and beautiful song titled No One by the nigerian contemporary singer Cheemah Check out the melody below and share as well with others.



No one
Verse 1
I’ve searched and searched and found no one like you
Who can love me like you do
Jesus No one like you
Jesus!!! Lover of my soul
You are beautiful in all your ways
The glory and the lifter of my head

I never see any God like you
I never see any God like you
I never see any God like you in all the earth
No one!!!

Verse 2
You be God
You no be man
Wetin u talk oh
Must surely come to pass oo
This kain God another one no Dey oo
(Another one no Dey o)
Every other gods are the works of men
(Works of men)
Every other gods are sinking sand ooh
(They are sinking sand)

Repeat Chorus

You no Dey fail!
You no Dey lie!
You no Dey change!
You remain the same!!!

My lover
My friend
You’re reliable in all your ways

This kain God
I never see your type before o
This kain God
you no get part 2 oooooo

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