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Changing The Scent from your life by Pastor Dr Sola Fola-Ade


The greatest miracle a person can ever experience is the miracle of salvation

Genesis 27:25-29 KJV, Number 23:15-23 KJV

Wherever there is sacrifice, God shows up and put a word in your mouth.

2 Samuel 24:16-24 KJV

Changing The Scent from your life, let your sacrifice speak for you


What is An Aroma?

Smell to discover something by his odor and scent

Isaiah 3:24 KJV

  • Instead of a sweet smell,
  • there will be a stenchInstead of a sash, a rope:
  • Instead of well-set hair, boldness:
  • Instead of a rich robe, a girding of sackcloth:

Am I branding instead of beauty?

Hosea 7:1 KJV

A little toothpick of something is what exposed us to what we are going through now.

Where bad stench comes from
  1. Bloodline Inhertiance. Genesis 28:11-13 KJV
  2. Personal Sin. Ecclestiates 10:8 KJV
  3. Marriage Transfer
  4. Sponsored Sacrifice – When you did not go directly to the satanic priest, but someone went on your behalf and you agreed to it.
How do you change the scent in your life so that God can visit you?
  1. By Prayer. Genesis 8:22 KJV.
  2. By Sacrifice. Hebrews 12:24 KJV
How to provoke Angels

1.Giving and Praying always Acts 10:1-5 KJV

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