Anne Wilson – God Thing

Anne Wilson – God Thing
Anne Wilson – God Thing

Legendary gospel songwriter Anne Wilson unearths a new influential rail subtitled “God Thing” to its video quality. “God Thing” is a great chorus   that totally deserves a place on your full album if you are an enthusiast & supporter of doctrinal teachings tunes.


Lyrics: Anne Wilson – God Thing

I’ve seen a bad man change his ways
Seen a woman get some healing on her dying day
Had no money in my pocket
Found a hundred in my wallet
Just in time for me to get the bills paid

Some things you can’t explain
Even though they happen every day

Don’t say it ain’t a God thing
Don’t say it ain’t a miracle
It’s so obvious when He does His stuff
It’s not anyone else but Him
When you see a life change
It’s something supernatural
Anytime a sinner becomes a saint
Yeah it’s a God thing

I hate drawing that short straw, don’t feel fair
And I get to wondering if He is even there
But then He does something
That I never See/saw coming
Kinda funny how we think it’s so rare

Cloud by day, fire by night
He’s been showing up all my life
Brand new mercies every sunrise
Too many miracles to deny


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