Akpero For Christ by Testimony Jaga

Testimony Jaga Akpero For Christ Mp3 Download
Testimony Jaga Akpero For Christ Mp3 Download
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Renowned Nigerian worship leader, songwriter, afro gospel act and alujo/fuji music minister, Salau Aliu Olayiwola, popularly known as Testimony Jaga, releases a very radical sound of awakening titled Akpero For Christ (Radical Evangelism).

As a Nigerian, i believe you should have understand what Akpero or Agbero means. In most Nigerian cities in Kano and Zaria just as i have witnessed. You will see all these young boys when ever you’re going to one location to another calling you to enter their bus. Most of these boys often shout when calling you and most times they are radical in their approaches, if you’re not careful, they may even run away with your money. Here we call them Yoron Mota, in Lagos they’re call Agbero. Their major duty is to call passengers into their bus. This is just the scenario Testimony Jaga is trying to preach. Encouraging christians to be radical in kingdom advancement endeavors.


Akpero For Christ by Testimony Jaga Lyrics

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