Aaron Shust – Every Morning

Aaron Shust Every Morning Mp3 Download
Aaron Shust Every Morning Mp3 Download

Sensational gospel music worship leader and songwriter Aaron Shust released a powerful melody tagged Every Morning.

According to the singer; “Some days you just can’t do anything right,” Shust says. “Recently, our two oldest boys had a rough day. As we gathered silently in the living room before bedtime, tears streamed down faces that felt they had transgressed one time too many. My wife asked, “What does the Bible say about God’s mercies?” A moment later Daniel answered with hope dawning on his face, “That they’re new every morning?” He couldn’t wait to go to bed and wake up with a clean slate. The slate was already clean, but tomorrow they would feel it far more deeply.”

“The author of Lamentations trusted in God’s faithfulness. Even in the middle of the blackest night, even during the most dire circumstances, he refused to forget that God’s mercies are new every morning. In the center of this somber poem beams a ray of hope that shines like a candle in a dark room. We cling to such hope and wait for the promise of the dawn,” says Shust. “When all seems bleak, we trust in God’s faithfulness.”

“When God created the world, He created night followed by day. There’s a poetic beauty in the fact that day follows night. No need to fear God’s rejection for yesterday’s shortcomings — His way is to forgive, to restore, and love,” he shares. “My greatest hope would be that God Himself would speak directly to a person, right where they are, while listening. That the song would be a vehicle for the Spirit to work.”

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