15 Mind-Blowing Facts About Adele

15 Mind-Blowing Facts About Adele
15 Mind-Blowing Facts About Adele

The sensational Pop Star, Adele is one of the most celebrated 21st century musicians. Adele rose to fame in one of the most amazing ways you could imagine.

Singer Adele has changed the music industry through her unique and stunning singing prowess which has earned her several honors. Her music is being celebrated worldwide and her songs have impacted lots of people. But then, to what extent do you know this eminent vocalist? Perhaps not as much as proclaimed. Below are 15 mind-blowing actualities you should know about the superstar.

  1. Her Birth Name is Adele

We are not mistaken. In contrast to other artists that use an alias or a different stage name, Adele uses the name given to her from birth on stage. Adele Laurie Blue Adkins originates from England.

  1. Smoking Addict

This may come as a surprise to many that she was a smoking addict before. At some point, she underwent a throat operation. As an addict, she never stopped smoking afterward until after four years when it nearly took her life.

  1. Road to fame

Unlike other top celebrities whose music became known across popular streaming platforms, it will come as a surprise that her road to fame was via a narrow tunnel. Her schoolmate often posts her song projects on Myspace which was rarely known back then.

  1. Her Focus

At a very tender age, she put a halt to studying books to focus more on singing which she later made a career.

  1. Alcohol is her source of inspiration

Most songwriters prefer to write songs when in a quiet atmosphere. But her case is different. She once confessed that one of her bestsellers was taken down at the time she was high on intoxicating drinks.

  1. She Takes Tea Daily

She is very addicted to tea; in fact, it was once mentioned that she can’t go a day without a cup of tea particularly, with 2 cubes of sugar. Who knows whether she also gets inspiration from sugar. Smiles…

  1. She Rolled with Celebrities Before She Became a Star

Perhaps she was predestined to be a star. She has always rolled with celebs in her school days even before she came into the limelight.

  1. Numerous Grammys

For many, the Grammy is gold but for Adele, it is just a usual thing. We can practically say that she has a pile of Grammys within a short period. She is one of the few musicians that has taken several honors at a go apart from Beyoncé. In addition, she earned the Guinness Records on 3 different occasions. Adele’s music can be streamed on Spotify. In case you can’t access her songs in your region, use a VPN mobile download service from VeePN to reach restricted content and enjoy the music.

  1. Successive Accolades

The pop singer secured successive prizes for the ‘Artist of the Year’ sort twice (2011 and 2012). Adele’s success story is remarkable for a new act to rise to fame and garner achievements within a few years of rising to fame.

  1. Stage Phobia

Even though she was a popular and well-celebrated global singer, the pop star confesses that she hasn’t gotten over her phobia to face the audience. In extreme cases, she gets to cancel shows as a result of this.

  1. She has Tattoos inked on her body

Indisputably, Adele has 7 recognized tattoos inked all over her body. You can easily spot the ink on her upper hand and neckline, that make up the fourth amidst seven. She tattooed the alphabet “A” boldly behind her lower right ear lobe to denote a code for her son’s name, Angelo which doubles at the lower part of her right hand.

  1. Her Estimated Worth

Forbes rated her as a top ten Most-paid musicians. Beyoncé and Jay-Z also made the top ten list of highest-paid all-time musicians.

  1. Unique Album titles

Adele’s uniqueness also comes in the way she labels her song albums. The title she gives her albums in form of numbers depicts her attained age while penning the songs. For instance, she penned the 25’ album when she attained 25.

  1. Her Best Records

There are lots of songs from her Albums that have stood the test of time on billboard charts and have stormed fans all over the world. Her song ‘Hello’ has received several accolades and is also one of her most notable records.

  1. She’s a Feminist

At some point in time, Adele proclaimed that she is a women’s libber. She further stated that she respects gender impartiality, racial indifference, and sexual freedom for everyone as we are all responsible for the decisions we make in life.

To wrap up, there have been lots of recorded accolades for Adele and her contribution to the global music industry is remarkable. The above are just a few among numerous facts to be mentioned about the singing sensation.  Her songs can be streamed on various platforms including Spotify. If you experience any streaming restrictions, simply download the best VPN service from VeePN to tune in.

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