10 Must-See Music Movies of The 21st Century

10 Must-See Music Movies of The 21st Century
10 Must-See Music Movies of The 21st Century

Film musicals are among the most iconic musical genres and are loved by many people. Music drama movies were first developed in Hollywood. In the past 90 years, this genre has enjoyed self-expression, freedom, and fulfillment of dreams.

The most interesting thing about musical films is that their main characters perform interesting music and dance. We have listed down the ten best modern musicals of the 21st century you must watch.

1. Nine (2009)

Fellini, a filmmaker, is trying to find a lover of his life and maintain his work simultaneously. These films have great songs like The Edge of U2, Bono, and other tracks like Paul McCartney and Gnarls Barkley, making them more entertaining. This movie did not have much excitement, but its music is awesome and is rated among the top 20.

2. La La Land (2016)

It is a famous musical film featuring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Emma won an Oscar for best actress due to her amazing performance in this film. It pays tribute to films like Top Hat and Singing in the Rain with a contemporary twist. The film is mostly remembered for that inappropriate, false pass at the Oscars.

3. Grease (2016)

The storyline is based on two high school teenagers falling head over heels in love with each other over their summer vacation. The girl (Olivia Newton-John), who is new in town, falls for the bad boy (John Travolta), who already has a girlfriend. The film features famous songs like You Are The One That I Want,” Greased Lightning,” and “Summer Nights.”

4.”Moulin Rouge!” (2001)

The Moulin Rouge is a nightclub in France’s capital city Paris whose main performer is Christian. It is told through a sequence of linked love stories at the Moulin. Have you gone to another place and found out that you cannot access your music movies? Think of using an online VPN. After installing your VPN, you can use VeePN to connect your home server to your present locations.

5. Hairspray (2007)

It features an all-star cast, with an array of the big dance and song numbers and a lineup of exemplary characters. It is a perfect family musical with tons of fun, and it also packs an emotional kick. The film features big names like Queen Latifah, a woman fighting racial segregation, and John Travolta, who drags as a middle-aged housewife.

6. High School Musical (2006)

This film survived the test of time, and many critics could not have anticipated this in 2006. It focuses on the romance between basketball captain Troy, who secretly has a passion for singing, and transfer student Gabriella, who brings out Troy’s musical side, which makes him want to sing for the school’s winter musical.

7. Rent

The storyline is based on “La Boheme” the film brings into focus a bunch of friends living together in New York in the early twenties, the height of the HIV epidemic. It shows how they juggle Love, Friendship, Relationships, and their respective careers while sharing personal problems that sometimes make them questioning life itself. The film is known for its hit song “Season of Love.”

8. Frozen (2013)

This film will give you a unique feeling, thanks to the exceptional songwriting and amazing voice performances by the skilled, talented, and Legendary Theatre star Idina Menzel and the good places Kristen Bell. Frozen is the usual Disney film, derived from a timeless classic fairytale. It revolves around royals on an adventure, with cute sidekicks and impressions of romance throughout the plot.

9. Been So Long (2018)

Netflix’s hidden treasure, the British musical Been So Long, was not awarded the fanfare it deserved when it came up in 2018.

Even though many cities have been the musical treatment in recent years, Contemporary London has achieved more. Even though this movie focuses on today’s romantic story in Camden, it boasts to see the city looking beautiful and shiny on the screen. Ronke Adekoluejo has taken the scene to another level in this movie, playing the protagonist’s closest friend, Yvonne.

10. Moana (2016)

Home on the Range was not seen as a top Disney movie in the past years. Still, they consistently came up to a whole new level in the late 2000s, beginning with a top genre, Enchanted, and then The Princess And The Frog, and later Tangled.

They are not just written by Lin-Manuel Miranda (of Hamilton fame, who also participated in the genre Mary Poppins Returns), but a good example is the Hakuna Matata-Esque song done by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


What is considered the best musical movie of all time?

The Bobs Buggers Movie is the best musical movie of all time.

What movies have the best classical soundtracks?

Grease has the best soundtrack compared to other movies.

What is the best modern musical?

Anna and the Apocalypse is the leading modern musical of all time.

Final thought

We have just listed down a few musical movies. Musical movies don’t necessarily need to be excellent, but they only need fun. Despite its merits, best musical movies like Moulin Rouge engage their audience in dance and music. With the advancement of musical movies in the 21st century, the future is bright and fruitful for musical movies. With VeePN, you would enjoy watching your favorite movies without any restrictions.



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