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What You Need To Make Good Music And Sell It Online In Africa

What You Need To Make Good Music And Sell It Online In Africa
What You Need To Make Good Music And Sell It Online In Africa
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What You Need To Make Good Music And Sell It Online In Africa

As an upcoming artiste, if you want to be successful in life, you need to make good music. The following will help you to produced an excellent music.

Step 1: Determine what type of music you want to make and stick to it.

This is a very important step. You don’t want to be all over the place, you want to be known for something, you want to have a style.

Let’s take for example, Yinka Ayefele incorporates some fuji vibes into his music while Tope Alabi praises God mostly in Yoruba language.

My point is, you should create your music with your own style. Determine what style you want to use and stick with it.

Step 2: Pick a mentor and listen to his music daily.
Listen, no matter what you want to do in life, you need a mentor if you want to do it for a long time.

Therefore, look for a mentor, someone that does very similar music to the one you picked in step 1 above. Listen to his or her songs daily to get the vibes and inspiration from them.

Write down what style or anything you got from those songs because you would want to modify and use them when writing your own song.

Furthermore, listening to their songs will be helpful just before it’s time to sell your music online. This is because, you want to compare their songs to your final product.

Step 3: Create or buy beat.
This is a very important step today because most people listen to beats and or lyrics.

As a matter of fact, most Nigerians love music that sounds good to their ears.

Therefore, spend some time or money creating or buying beats that relates to your song and audience.

To sell your music online in Nigeria, you need to produce or buy a very good beat. A good place to buy beats are Youtube and soundcloud.

Note: Avoid recording a song without first getting the separate tract in your hands. A separate track is a record of the individual instrument that beat contains. It contains every drum, guitar, or piano recorded separately.

This is very important because without this separate track, it would be difficult for your mixer to modify and mix your songs properly. And if you record your song without it, you would probably run into problems.

Step 4: Start writing your song.
Now that you have your beat, you should start writing your songs.

In other to be different and unique in a positive way, you should only write songs when you are inspired to do so.

Here is how you get inspired.

Go to you happy and quiet place. Be it the beach, your room, anywhere that motivates you.

Emotionally feel the song you are writing on, and avoid writing just for writing sake.

After the first round of writing, try to sync your song with the beat you got in Step 3, then modify your song as needed.

Step 5: Go to the studio to make your first scratch song.
Please, only go to the studio if you are absolutely sure that you have everything in place.

Recording in a studio is expensive and also time consuming. Therefore, you want to avoid doing it all over again simply because you were not ready the first time.

Furthermore, if you have a Mac laptop, you might want to save a little money by learning and practicing on Garageband..

When you are completely done, export your music in mp3 formation.

Step 6: Share your MP3 with Friends and family to get feedback.
Send you exported mp3 to everyone around you who cares.

Get feedback from them and work on it. Be prepared to get both positive and negative feedback and don’t let the negative feedback weigh you down.

Before you sell your music online in Nigeria or any part of the world, you have to first have an idea of what other people thinks about your song. And that’s the aim of this part.

Step 7: corrections and record your music.
After you get feedbacks, document them, make the correction of the once that you think are right (you will get lots of feedback and not all of them will be the right one).

After corrections are made, record the song in the studio. This can cost anywhere from N40k to N120K.

You shouldn’t spend much time in the studio because you already created and practiced on a scratch song.

When you are completely done from the studio, get the separate tracks in WAV file.

Step 8: Get and send your music to your Mixer engineer.
Send the WAV file to your mixer to do the final touches. The mixer will add the need effect and any other thing the mixer deems fit.

Who says making and selling your music online in Nigeria is going to be a day job?

Step 9: Save and Master your song.
This is simple, save your song where ever you want to. Also use the time to master your song because you want to be ready for live performance and so on, right?

Places To Sell Music Online

There are many places you can sell your music online like boomplaymusic, itune, spotify, soundcloud and so on.

This is a fantastic option for new artist with little fan base. This is due to the fact that Soundcloud has FREE membership and allow you to grow your audience.

If you are a new artist, you should strive to post your music publicly on Soundclound. This is because Soundcloud has lots of social network, and this will help you grow your fan base (which is truely needed as an upcoming artist).

Sell your music online in Nigeria via Soundcloud
Here is how you do it

After you have completed your sign-up, go to the Nimbit store and get a link (which you will find after clicking on the share button).

Then, head over to the track you want to sell on Soundcloud. Look for the “edit” button (probably in the shape of a pencil).

Next, go to the “info page” and click on “Show More Options”. Then, fill the form and paste the copied link from Nimbit in the “Buy link” area. Don’t also forget to set your price.

After you are done, a “buy” button will be displaced on the track.

Article First published on emmillioniare By Nnaemeka January,5th 2019)

EDITED BY: GospelAfri (September, 10th, 2019)

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