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What You Need To Build A Better Relationship with God

What You Need To Build A Better Relationship with God
What You Need To Build A Better Relationship with God
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What You Need To Build A Better Relationship with God

As Christians, building a better relationship with God matters a whole lot and shouldn’t be regarded as minor.

There are a lot of advantages to having a heartfelt relationship with God, our father. It’s a very beautiful experience and it puts us at ease so we can face life’s challenges without fear.

The Bible is the Word of God, His special revelation to us about who He is and what He has done.

It is, in effect, God’s very words to us, His people, breathed out for our betterment, equipment, and sustenance (2 Timothy 3:16)

You have to read often Read broadly, everywhere in the Bible. And read specifically, focus on parts of it so you can understand better the greater meanings of the texts and truly understand the Scriptures for what they are.

And don’t just read; study and apply. Try inductive Bible study, where you walk through a passage making observations, interpretations, and then thinking through how you can apply the truths you have learned.

Don’t just learn what the Bible says, be a doer as well as a hearer and actually take action to obey as God instructs you in how you should think and live.

2: PRAY:

Prayer is a very important part of our lives as Christians; it’s a way of communicating with God, a way of letting Him know our hearts.

If you have difficulty keeping up with praying, attending a morning or daily prayer time on your campus or at your church at least once a week can make sure you’re making prayer a priority that you’re not skipping out on.


In this new age, many buildings and gatherings call themselves “churches” but it is wise to make sure to find a church that is a Jesus-centered community.

Find a church that preaches and believes the Bible, with leaders who practice what they preach. If you are unsure where to start, ask a trusted friend or your parents (if they are Christians)


Join a small group/Bible study, go to fellowship events, and stick around after formal events to build relationships with your spiritual family.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with “things to do” so that you end up not following through on your responsibilities (school or work) or you never have time for non-Christian friends, but nonetheless prioritize community.

5: LOVE:

Love defined Biblically, is inseparable from an action, and any action we take as believers should be to the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31), and so part of the mission of God.

If we fail in being a doer as well as a hearer, we fail to prioritize God and His Word in our hearts, and so we have placed another god before him in our lives.

Love also involves praying for even our enemies, caring for the needy also, it opens our eyes to the mercies of God upon us which increases our love for Him.


Evangelism, though often a scary thing, can be an absolute thrill and awesome venue for spiritual growth.

Speaking from experience, I have never grown so much nor been blessed by God with more assurance of faith as when I began to do evangelism and point others to Christ. It is actually part of the ways to grow spiritually.

So pray for your friends, classmates, and family, and seek opportunities to share the gospel with them. Share what God has done in your life and just in general point them to Jesus.

Get involved in a campus ministry and allow yourself to be trained in ministry-style evangelism.

Whatever you do, find means of talking and engaging with the unbelieving world, being obedient to Jesus’ call to being fishers of men, and making a difference by pointing people to Jesus.


This is a very beautiful experience with God, make it a priority. It exposes you to the peace and love of God; it allows you to feel God spiritually.

Prioritize it. You build a better relationship with God and spiritually in your quiet time because during this God speaks to you through your mind. This one of the ways you grow spiritually.


Endeavor to spend time with other believers; it helps you get more insight when you spend time with like minds. You could learn one or two things that would help you build a better relationship with God.


A heart on fire for Christ transforms our inner thoughts and desires and results in not only the desire to live out our faith but the inspiration and motivation to do whatever it takes to do so.

Exercising our faith doesn’t mean never messing up, it just means we are better equipped to handle the times when we do.

And not only we do benefit in wonderful, blessed ways as we live according to God’s instructions, but our life can become a shining witness to His goodness and power, and other people might long to know Him as well.


As you think on God’s Word, He’ll put people in your path you can help. You may help someone to understand God a little bit better or it may be that what you share radically changes the course of someone’s life.

God is the one who determines those things. He simply wants us to be faithful witnesses for Him.

Share what you’ve learned that He might be lifted up in the hearts of others and that they might be lifted up by God in their own hearts.

You’ll find that when you’re about the Father’s business, you’ll be closer to Him than ever.

These are just tips to help us improve our relationship with our father. Enjoy!

SOURCE: DailyGospelVibe, By Tochukwu Ibe (March 14, 2019)

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