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The Love Song by Olubunmi

The Love Song by Olubunmi
The Love Song by Olubunmi
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International gospel music minister and worship leader, Olubunmi releases a new single and music video titled ‘The Love Song’.

Excellently produced by multiple award-winning producer, Sunny Pee, ‘The Love Song’ song comes straight from her heart. It captures all her years of serving as a music minister, her personal experiences in church and also growing up in church as a Pastor’s Kid.

Commenting on the new single, ‘The Love Song’ and its music video, US-based Olubunmi, who is also a prolific songwriter, said:

“We have seen gifts and God’s power on display, but we haven’t seen love which is the greatest of all the gifts being displayed amongst God’s people. This song is to remind us what our Christian walk is all about. LOVE is our foundation and our great teacher JESUS made it known in Matthew 22 :37. The enemy has taken advantage of God’s people for so long by using the weapon of division. We are the light and the salt of the earth and we will let the love of God that’s within us affect everyone around us positively in JESUS MIGHTY NAME.”




Where is the love

Where is the love of God

Where is the love, we need it /repeat/

Verse 1:

Brothers betraying brothers

Sister hating on each other

Evil is called good

Good is called evil

The house of God is full of competition

Many are fighting for position

Politics everywhere in the house of God

Many people want to be a leader

Only a few knows how to be a good follower

Where is the love of God in our hearts

We worship with our lips while our hearts are far away

That is not the kind of love that christ taught us

Will christ die one more time for us to truly love


Verse 2:

I need you, you need me .

We all need each other

I can’t do it on my own

You can’t do it on your own

United we stand, divided we fall

Let’s unit and love each other

This is the will of God for you and i.


Love love love love love

Love love love love is the greatest

Here is the love

Here is the love of God

Here is the love recieve it

Here is the love, here is the love of God,

Here is the love recieve it.

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