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Sola Allyson – “I Don’t Cover My Head Or Dress Modestly Because Of Religion”

I Don't Cover My Head Or Dress Modestly Because Of Religion"
I Don’t Cover My Head Or Dress Modestly Because Of Religion”
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“I Don’t Cover My Head Or Dress Modestly Because Of Religion”

“I wear makeup.

I have experienced a rebirth and I’m still being renewed daily.

I don’t cover my head or dress modestly because of religion. I do it because of my spirituality and appreciation of my being Woman, African, Yorùbá. I looovvveee eet!

Have you not been able to see it clearly? It’s been like that from the beginning. Nothing has changed. My spirit’s renewal is only showing outside and I am getting finer, and poverty has moved away completely from my life ni.

I wear gèlè and long dresses because I know my identity as a child of The Almighty in HIS Yorùbá Africa.

I dress in my everyday life as I’m comfortable but you’ll always see a honorable, elegant and chic African Woman. I wear trousers, gidigidi.

It is better to read now to properly understand instead of assuming. The same way you don’t even know the belief you fight for🙄

I am not your kind of nice and gentle. I am hard, soft, as is required accordingly.

I am 100% human, seasoned with different experiences, and I always identify with my vulnerability. If you bring negativity to my space, I won’t pretend to be what I’m not, so when I feel like answering you, I will, giving you a gbas for your gbos. Or I’ll just block you. Simple. I won’t ignore you. It will make foolishness abound. Sharing the love of GOD is not always sweet. It can be tough. I am.

Because of the superficial piousness that had been imbibed over time in ignoring people like you when they display foolishness is why you have remained ignorant. It’s not good for posterity’s sake. So I won’t ignore you.

The Jesus of The Almighty GOD Who Is my perfect example didn’t ignore stupid and foolish people, He spoke sense into their heads with parables. He even had to use cane on them at some point. He did not always “correct in love”.

Be guided in my space. Wear your sense as overall when you’re passing by here. I have nothing to hide so I’m not afraid of anyone.

I am not your saviour. Remove me from your box of indolence. I know my soul’s path and that I always make known, clearly, since the beginning.

My salvation is mine. Work out your own. My journey is mine. Walk your own.


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