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Shoulder by Kaluya

Shoulder by Kaluya
Shoulder by Kaluya
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“Shoulder by Kaluya” is her first solo project after numerous features, and her future releases stand out to be promising.

Kaluya’s journey of life hasn’t be favorable for her but when time come to receive the unforgettable unfailing love of God, it changed her life, she was born in a Christian family of excellence, Kaluya has been in underground ministry for 11 years serving in the Church. Aside from being a musician, She’s in public health, a chef, fashion designer and an IT Technician. She’s highly convinced that music is a tool that can be used to preach the love of God to people.

His undeserving grace he gave to us, unfailing love he gave to us, what more did he give? A shoulder to cry on! To lean on! To hug on! Many are the times we cry to sources that won’t give us full attention or assistance but to God he gives us his all when we run to him that’s why I call him my shoulder because His always there to give a hand in your hardship. Looking at my past life and present there is a big difference, only his hands and shoulders are ever present in our lives.

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