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Piesie Esther All Songs 2022

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Contemporary Ghana worship music minister and songwriter Piesie Esther, she is a talented worship music minister, she has blessed so many people with her songs across Africa below are few or some of an album and singles.


Piesie Esther Album;

  1. Wobεdi Adanseε (2021)
  2. Mentease (2019)
  3. Ziba Beko (2019)
  4. Osoree Mu Tumi (2019)
  5. Agye Won Nsam (2019)
  6. Maseda Kesee (My Great Thanks) (2019)

Piesie Esther Songs

  1. Me Nte Ase
  2. Empareme
  3. Okuraseni Moburonii
  4. Agye Won Nsam
  5. Osoree Mu Tumi
  6. Wobεdi Adanseε
  7. Ziba Bɛeko
  8. Hwehwe Me Mu
  9. Soma Ogya
  10. Maseda Kesee (My Great Thanks)

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