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Pastor Ozi – Nobody Like You

Pastor Ozi Nobody Like You
Pastor Ozi Nobody Like You
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Pastor Ozi Nobody Like You

His previous single My Paddy had been a banger but Nobody Like You takes the artistry of the multi-faceted Pastor Ozi to another level. A serving pastor, motivational speaker, and multi-instrumentalist, he recently revealed how God brought him back to life after a fatal incident 8years ago, August 22nd 2012 to be precise and his music is aimed at making a major impact in the world.

Nobody Like You, while it bangs harder than your usual Gospel record is filled with messages. From the hook to the verses, themes of trust, wisdom and understanding amongst others can be gleaned from the record with lines like “It’s not where you are but where God sent you… Many in China are not shinning”.

Concerning the creative process of the song, Pastor Ozi says “The song is inspired by Exodus 15:11 and I had it penned already over two decades ago. During the pandemic I felt it was the right time to work on it and I got in touch with my frequent collaborator Joe Blings who also produced my previous single “My Paddy”. And getting into the studio triggered a number of mutations on the original state of the song Lol. It was originally written as a slow praise song but we switched up the tempo and also concerted a verse to the chorus which meant I had to rewrite two brand new verses right there in the studio but it was worth it and I enjoyed the process and what we created eventually. Nobody Like You tune is dedicated to reverence The Almighty God and the same it is an admonishment for us concerning the times and seasons that we are in. The world as we know it has changed but anyone with the Lord has nothing to fear as we match into a new phase on the earth.”

Nobody Like You is written and composed by Pastor Ozi while production is handled by Joeblings. Pastor Ozi is currently working on his first-ever music video and still has a lot of enriching music on the way.

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You are Fearful in Praise

Always doing Wonders everywhere

Nobody, Nobody Like You (X2)

You’re the Creator of all

Always reigning Supreme over all

Nobody, Nobody like you

Solo 1:

It’s not where you are,

But where God sends you

It’s not where you find,

But where God finds for you

It’s not who you are

But who lives inside of you

So you must give Him Praise

Nobody Compares with Him

Many in London,

Have not done anything

Many in China, are not Shining

Many in UK, are not okay

Many in Spain, are still in Pain

(Repeat Chorus)

Solo 2:

Korokoro, you can see the world is ending

Korokoro, you can see the world is changing

Korokoro, disaster blowing everywhere

Many in Europe, are roped in Lack and Want

Many in Italy, their lives have not tallied

You better change, You better live right

You better change, you better live right

You better change, you better live right

(Repeat Chorus)

Nobody, Nobody Like you

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