Overcomer by Tamela Mann

Overcomer by Tamela Mann Album Download
Overcomer by Tamela Mann Album Download

Tamela new album tagged “Overcomer” is now available for pre-order. As she tried to explain the inspiration behind the new project, she wrote; “I poured my experiences into the lyrics, putting my heart and soul into the words on this album. It’s me looking at my life and the things I was dealing with, trying to learn from those things, and doing what I can to overcome them.”

“God is the source and my go-to when I’m lost. I can’t do anything without Him, and I never want to try to. I love butterflies. I feel like I’m coming out of the cocoon again, energized and on fire.

My heart’s desire is to give people hope and let them know there’s still compassion in the world. It’s the opportunity for me again to show God’s love and His grace. That’s my purpose in life and for Overcomer.”


Overcomer Album Track List
1. Finished Work (feat. Todd Dulaney)
2. I Am
3. Source
4. Help Me (feat. The Fellas)
5. Hello God (feat. Wyclef Jean and Kirk Franklin)
6. Healer
7. Conqueror
8. Overcomer
9. Touch From You
He Did It For Me
Final Answer

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