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My Case by Japhy Davis


My Case by Japhy Davis
My Case by Japhy Davis

Singer, Songwriter and producer, JAPHY DAVIS comes again with this brand new declaration titled “MY CASE” produced by G.I.D Beats, Mixed and Mastered by Verbsmixit.

This song absolutely superimposes the supernatural over natural. Japhy Davis said; We are Life giving spirits and our father God is resident inside of us, so we don’t speak or analyze circumstances we speak the expectations and the Expectation of the righteous shall not be cut off. We don’t relive the narrative we change it. It doesn’t matter how many people have failed on these road, I’m the first of my kind.
No one has ever survived that kind of sickness is what they say but MY CASE is a different case…

In the dark we say let there be light…
When they say there’s a casting down, we say there’s a lifting up. MY CASE is a Different Case. This song is dedicated to everyone out there who wakes up everyday with a prayer and a dream! The new single “MY CASE” is infused with amazing lyrics of resolute confession and vocal delivery that would keep your fingers on the replay button as you remind yourself that “MY CASE IS A DIFFERENT CASE”

JAPHY DAVIS is a highly anointed Minister, R&B singer, songwriter, recording artist & music producer.

Instagram : @japhydavis
Twitter : @JAPHY_DAVIS
Facebook : @japhydavis

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