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Mighty God by Queen Eucharia

Mighty God by Queen Eucharia
Mighty God by Queen Eucharia
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Nigerian gospel sensation “Queen Eucharia“ drops her single titled “Mighty God“. The soulful singer expresses her deep love for the almighty God through worship. Queen Eucharia is set to be one of the most prominent gospel musicians from the continent.

Born Cletus Eucharia, QUEEN EUCHARIA who hails from Anambra state in Nigeria is a Spirited gospel singer and songwriter who preaches the word of God through her song ministration. She discovered her singing ability growing up as a young teen from a Christian family who found herself always around church.

“Prayer was a way of life for my family and anytime I prayed, the holy ghost would reveal to me somethings which i will use my songwriting ability to turn that into a song” (Queen Eucharia)
Queen Eucharia is on a quest to spread the unadulterated word of God through her song ministration.

Queen Eucharia has two university degrees. One in psychology which she attained at Nnamdi Azikwe University in Nigeria and other in Law at Wisconsin international university in Ghana.
Eucharia’s talents transcends music as she is also a very competent fashion designer.

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Instagram: queen_eucharia
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChKekZ7t9yIi8iBCO1UGKEQ
SongLink: https://songwhip.com/queeneucharia/mighty-god

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