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[AUDIO + LYRICS] Lisa Pitkin – Jina Lako (Your Name)

Lisa Pitkin – Jina Lako (Your Name)
Lisa Pitkin – Jina Lako (Your Name)

Lisa Pitkin – Jina Lako (Your Name)

The new song titled “Jina Lako” by the Kenya born gospel music singer “Lisa Pitkin”,  mean Your name. It is a gospel worship tune and it all about the influence of Jesus‘s name. It remind us of who we are.

However, Lisa Pitkin wrote down the following storyabout the song “Jina Lako”:

We have all been through trying times. Moments of doubt. Moments of fear. Moments of pain. We have all had periods where we have battled with questions that weigh us down and it seems like we carry the world on our shoulders. One thing that has always unfailingly lifted the darkness, calmed the raging storm of doubt, broken through and brought healing where needed, is the name of Jesus. Always without fail. This song comes from the place of continuous victory that I have had personally each time I call on the beautiful name of Jesus.
Salvation exists in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved. (Acts 4:12).

Additionally, LISA PITKIN butressed:

This was the name that created the whole universe, all things, seen and unseen – stars, sun and moon. The name that holds the world together…and Jesus gave us His name as our own.. and through this name, we are above absolutely everything.

Finally, Download the song below and drop your comment.


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Nani aliye kama wewe mwokozi Yesu
Hakuna nguvu kama zako, wewe utuongoza..

Hakuna mwingine anastahili sifa zetu, hakuna jina lina okowa ila Lako

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Gospotainment community
Nashukuru dhabihu ya ibaada yako
Nashukuru upendo wako

Nainua Jina Lako
Nainua Jina Lako Yesu x2
Jina Lako x3
Nainua Jina Lako

Nashukuru dhabihu ya ibaada Yako
Nashukuru neema yako

Nainua Jina Lako
Nainua Jina Lako Yesu×2
Jina Lako
Nainua Jina Lako x3

Jina la uwokovu,
Jina la ushindi
Jina la upendo
Jina la uwezo
Jina la Ufalme
Jina lenye nguvu

Jina la miujiza
Jina lenye nguvu
Jina lako Yesu, ni Jina la utukufu
Jina la mfalme
Jina la neema

Nainua Jina lako
Nainua Jina lako Yesu×3

There is no other name that saves x2
No other name that saves

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