James Fortune – Dream Again (Live From Rock City)

James Fortune Dream Again Live From Rock City

James Fortune Dream Again Live From Rock City
James Fortune Dream Again Live From Rock City

Grammy Award-nominated singer James Fortune offers a live version of his chart-topping album Dream Again – with the release of Dream Again: Live From Rock City.

The new Birmingham, AL resident, blends unique styles of music and fan favorites into one 16-track LP featuring collaborations with Isaac Carree, Zacardi Cortez, Jalisa Faye, Minon Sarten, Todd Galberth, Lisa Knowles and more.

The original recording of Fortune’s single, “I Am” peaked at #1 on the Billboard Gospel Airplay Chart for several weeks. Dream Again: Live from Rock City is a collection of special announcements, personalized for all who listen.

The opening track will undoubtedly pull listeners up or push them forward to a place of purpose and possibility. There is a comforting and refreshing thread of hope and faith that echoes throughout this body of work which celebrates new songs and fan favorites like “I Need Your Glory” and “I Believe.” A remixed version with go-go vibes of “Favor of God” features Zacardi Cortez; the live album is lead at radio with “Nobody Like Jesus” featuring Lisa Knowles Smith.

Fortune shares, “Our dreams are our deepest desires. They motivate us, inspire us, stretch us and help us achieve any goal that we want to achieve. We have to learn to believe and position ourselves according to prayer and God’s promise.”

James Fortune understands that if you’re going to preach redemption in the 21st century, you’re going to have to make a production of it, and his albums are a bit like urban gospel hip-hop soul revues, all done up in showbiz style on Broadway, complete with Fortune’s spoken, sung, and shouted encouragement.

Fortune’s strength is in understanding how to put gospel and praise songs over to a young 21st century audience, and with his featured choir, FIYA (which stands for Free in Yahweh’s Abundance), he freely incorporates hip-hop arrangements and urban beats into his recordings. His recordings include: The Transformation (2007) – which featured the single “I Trust You”, charted at #1 on Gospel radio for 25 weeks and #30 on Urban AC charts.

James Fortune is ready to share his story of redemption and triumph with the world and how he is finally, “dreaming again.”



James Fortune Dream Again Lyrics
“Dream Again”
(feat. Todd Galberth)

Somewhere along the way you stopped believing
But I wanna reignite that passion inside of you so
You can dream again

Have you had thoughts in your mind
That your greatest season has passed you by
You feel your best days have all slipped away
And all that’s left for you are memories and changes
(It’s just one chapter, it’s not over)

This is not the end of your story (it’s a new season)
Turn the page, prepare for His glory
It’s your moment, you should own it (right now)
The time is now

You need to dream again
(What seems like the end is where your future begins)
Live again
(Your dream doesn’t look like your current reality, but)
Believe again
(Believe again, because you haven’t lost nothing that God can’t replace
If you can just find a way to dream again)
Dream again
(You were created for more than just existing, live)
Live again
(You may have to step away from what’s familiar, and believe)
And believe again
(Don’t let comparisons kill your dreams
Because I know some of you are feeling like you should be further along right now)

It’s not too late
It’s not too late
(Just because it hasn’t come doesn’t mean it’s not coming)
It’s not too late
(You’re still breathing and your heart’s still beating)
It’s not too late
It’s not too late
(God’s gon’ finish what He started, it’s not over)
It’s not too late
(You [?] for every dream you [?])
It’s not too late
([?] , I’ve got a witness, come here Todd)

I was broken but now I’m healed
I was rejected but now I’m loved
I was depressed but you gave me joy
It’s time to dream again, dream again, dream again
Everybody ever been broken into pieces but now you’re healed
They rejected me but I’m loved
I was so broken and depressed, you gave me joy
It’s time to dream again, dream again, dream again
My life was broken into pieces (healed)
They rejected me but (loved)
I was so sad and depressed but you gave me joy (I’ve got joy)
And it’s time to dream again, dream again, dream again
I thought I’ll lose my mind
They rejected me and left me for dead (loved)
Depression, you can’t hold me, you can’t hold me (joy)
It’s time to dream again, dream again, dream again

Dream again, dream again
Dream again, dream again
Hold on, hang on
Whatever you do, dream again
‘Cause it’s not over
It’s not over
I know it feels like it
But it’s not over
God’s gotcha
Just hang in there
Hang in there
Yes somebody wants ya

Come on, somebody say, I’m getting my dream back (it’s not over)
I’m getting my joy back (it’s not over)
I’m getting my power back
Dream again

You need to dream again (God’s put so much inside of you)
You need to live again (I know your faith’s been shaken but believe)
You need to believe again (I can’t do it for you, you gotta find a way to believe in yourself)
You need to dream again (and dream again)

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