Is Christmas celebration Biblica

Is Christmas celebration Biblica
Is Christmas celebration Biblica

On Christmas….
Dear sir,
I have been following most of your write ups, though most times as a silent observer. Please permit me to ask you this question;
Is Christmas celebration Biblical?

Good afternoon ma’am. Thanks for asking this question.
1. Was Jesus born?
2. Was he born to save?
3. Do we celebrate our own birthday?
4. Is it sinful to celebrate Jesus’ birthday, but holy to mark our own?

Now, as for it being biblical or not?
Not everything that we are doing today is written in the Bible.
Dec. 25th and 26th has been officially recognized as the birthday of Jesus, and a holiday allotted to mark it.

What is wrong with using the holiday to talk to others about Jesus, and doing good to touch lives in his steads during the long holidays?

Don’t those calling Christmas a Roman Catholic celebration observe Sundays which is the day set apart to worship the Sun in the old Roman empires.

Where lies the difference?
It lies in what the day is used for!
If we celebrate Easter (His death and ressurections), what is sinful about celebrating his birth?
My friend, listen to what the Bible has to say about observance of days:
“Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days: Which are a shadow of things to come; but the body is of Christ. (COLOSIANS 2:16-17).

Paul said he became all things to all Men, in order to win some to Christ.
As long as it is not sinful, every opportunity must be employed to make Christ known to the dying world.

For instance, have you heard about our #Feed_A_Soul_Campaign?
It is a program designed to show the love of Christ to about 1000 less privileged during the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. We wish to show them that we care, and what better time can we do that, than during the festivities when the worldly people are revelling in their wanton lusts and drunkenness?
That is the little I have to say to you on this issue please. God bless you.

BY: Busari Shuaib Olawale Peter

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