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How Really Do I Make Money From My Musics?


How Really Do I Make Money From My Musics?

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I will try to make this topic short due to time constraints. “I’m a musician, i have a lot of tracks and albums, the problem is how really do i make money from my music?

There are so many ways possible.

  1. You can sign-up by big artist
  2. Sell your music online store
  3. Burn to CD to sell hard copies

Going online is the best way i can recommend you as an artist, the internet is the biggest marketplace to reach out to billions of audience and like minded interest without much stress. However, the other ones too are good. All this stuffs don’t just happen that way, it takes time so, just be cool and believe in yourself. Freedom don’t come free neither riches come so easily, it grows and take time, but do not be discourage as an artist do what you do best.

NOTE:  Promoting your song on blogs is not the same as selling your song or uploading it on digital stores for streaming.

BLOGS: promotes you and your song as upcoming artiste, people get to known about you and your music. If you’re talented and you do quality stuff, you will get loyal fans… Many celebrities have passed this stage, now people published them and their songs even freely.

DIGITAL STORES After you must have build your fans base systems, people now knows about you and your undisputed creativeness in music and always ready for you to release new songs, then you can now think of uploading your musics on digital stores.
NOTE: You might want to upload your songs on digital stores as a starter, there’s no crime about it, the great question would be, who will stream? how many streams will you get? how many fans do you have? how man of them are ready to buy your songs when you don’t even have enough audience. Even on some digital stores, some celebrities pays for their songs just to make it more viral. This is to tell you how important of promoting your songs on BLOGS is. It’s gives you recognition especially when you are talented.

Importantly, you need to be serious about your self and your music ministry. Many upcoming artiste have approach me to promote their songs on GOSPELAFRI subsequently, I discovered the kind of unprofessional art cover and or the song produced. Your song and the art cover should be the first thing you will do perfectly. Even the talented and established artiste often faced challenges, how much of you? so you need to be serious and deliberate about your music career.

Furthermore, digital Stores help you to generate revenues from your songs. For instance : 360LABEL is a Nigerian base digital store that enables to sell your song with a price tag on their platform. AUDIOMACK too is a popular streaming site to earn revenue as fans stream your songs. it is also use by many Nigerians upcoming artists. Other digital stores includes:

  1. Soundcloud‌
  2. Deezer
  3. Amazon Music
  4. YouTube Music
  5. Tidal
  6. Google Play
  7. Apple Music
  8. Spotify etc

In most of the above stores, you get paid whenever your song is played/stream. However, on YouTube, you need to get certain number of views (4 thousand watch hours) and subscribers (from 1 thousand subscribers or more) within the last 12 months as at the time am writing this article. So setting up a YouTube channel is highly recommended. Finally, if you have chosen to be a full time or part time music minister, you need to have the following accounts:

– Instagram
– YouTube Channel
– Facebook Page
– Twitter etc

If you want to know more about any of these platforms listed above , just try and Google it as this article is just a background knowledge on how to make money as a gospel music minster. Thanks for reading.

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