How I Make More Than ₦1000 Daily Just By Doing This Simply Task

How I Make More Than ₦1000 Daily Just By Doing This Simply Task

This is another online earning opportunity to those who are ready to do little tasks online while they earn good income directly to their bank.

Introduction to NNUforum income program

How Does Nnu Version 2 Works
Nnuforum is an Online media platform with an affiliate system that pay you when you read news and when you bring people to register under you everyday. And earn cool cash

NNUincome is a noble idea created to fight poverty by converting your time, and data to make money with it. you should also be making Money while online! By performing simple task and with little investment

Who owned Nnuforum (NNU Version 2)
NNU Discussion Forum is a brand new site launched August 2019, referred to as nnu version 2. , Nnuforum income program project 2 , This is official Owned By Paul Samson (TheOracle)

How Can I Make Money on Nnuforum (Nnu Version 2)
You can make money on Nnuforum(Nnu Version 2 ), You can earn Money From Nnuforum by performing some activities.

There are two method of earnings on Nnuforum: Activities earnings and referral earnings. The earnings breakdown are as follows:

You earn ₦20 each for posting
comment on news

You earn ₦10 for viewing a news: That
means if you click and open any post you will earn₦10 automatically

for sharing sponsored posts on Facebook, You will Earn ₦100.
NOTE: This is a prerequisite for payment.

You earn the whole sum ₦50 for daily Login

You earn more between N100 to N1000 when you write unique and original content.

You earn ₦1000 As a referral Commission
NOTE: Referral is not mandatory.

Is Nnuforum Legit Or Scam
Nnuforum Is legit because over 13M Naira have been paid out since it establishment and many members have shared their achievement… You can even withdraw Your earning without any referrals

How Can I Register On Nnuforum (Nnu version 2)
In Nnuforum , have Two Method of Registration , Which is Epin And Paystack Payment , You can Choose any of the method To Register, you will have to pay a sum of N1400 To join and Register on Nnuforum income program.

How To create or Register an account,

To get started, You will have to pay a one time registration fee of N1400 in order to activate your account.

to get started. You will have to pay a one time registration fee of N1400 in order to activate your account.

How do I withdraw my earnings from Nnuforum
To withdraw from Nnuforum you must have reach their minimum payment Withdrawal which is ₦5000 and withdrawal portal is always open. That’s they pay every month end it is base on first come first serve.

Does NNU Forum Pay Without Referrals
yes Nnu forum is paying without referral, in case it is hard for you to get referrals , don’t worry you can still get paid with only your activities earning.

In Conclusion :
Nnuforum is currently new and, I will advice you to join since is new and fresh.




If you have understood all my explanation, just register via this link HERE

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