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Gabi Oliveira – Faz Morada (Lyrics & Video)

Gabi Oliveira Faz Morada Lyrics, Video
Gabi Oliveira Faz Morada Lyrics, Video
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Gabi Oliveira Faz Morada Lyrics, Video

The Brazilian gospel music group GABI OLIVEIRA released her much anticipated single titled FAZ MORADA.

Watch the video below and share your opinion. For more Brazilian gospel songs visit our home page.

Elizeu Alves & Gabi Oliveira Faz Morada Lyrics:
I no longer want to live without your presence
Lord, I declare total dependence on You I
will renounce what it costs me
I will do everything to get Your attention
I don’t want to live without Your direction anymore
Come and take Your place

Intimacy again
Proximity again
I want to walk with You
This is my desire To
see Your face, oh God
Feel Your heart
This is my desire
It is all I seek most

Make your home, I am Your temple
Live in me and do with me whatever you want
I am Your son, my life is Your altar
I decided to give up everything I asked for I
just want to please You

I give up everything, everything, everything
I just want to have a little more of You, Jesus
You are everything I desire
And nothing, nothing, nothing in this world Is
worth more than Your presence
I want more from You, Jesus
Composer: Lilian Marinho

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