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Eloi by Grace Ojo

Eloi by Grace Ojo
Eloi by Grace Ojo
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Minstrel Grace Ojo dishes out a brand new single melody tagged Eloi

Eloi is all about the Cross And The Blood of Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ on the cross of calvary. He gave He’s life for us to Live again. He die, and He Rose Glory be to God , Hallelujah. John 3: 16, Mark 15:34, John 11:35, John 19:30.

LYRICS of Eloi – Grace Ojo
Eloi Leman Sabachthani
Eloi Sabachthani
Eloi ……………………….2x
My God 3x
Why do you forsake me?
Is finish 3x
It is finished
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Verse 1
Sweet Jesus- you Came into the world.
You die for my sins
You die for our sins
To make us live again

Verse 2
Sweet Jesus you were beaten chastise
You were mocked
You were struck
Because of me
Verse 3
Sweet Jesus you wept for me
Sweet Jesus you were hung for me
Sweet Jesus you gave your life for me
Sweet Jesus you die and you rose for me.

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